The Pink Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ah the ickle ones....

Have been seriously creating some great art!

For Mother's day they grew some seeds, sweet peas, and they made a card. I only managed one pic..but they all made a window card with acetate stuck in the aperture, added some peel offs (yes, I blush) and coloured them in with pro-markers. For Easter they have started making shrink plastic pendants for an Easter necklace. They've done an excellent job even while decimating my pro-markers, but really what did I expect? doh! I don't mind really, the kids were so delighted with the results! By the way, shrink pastic is great fun and pro-markers are excellent for colouring in said plastic (and everything else) have a lookie here if you need supplies :) Excellent stock and speedy service!

so seriously....

Finally I have some energy back-feeling better but my voice still sounds like I swallowed a frog, some might say nice and husky? please please let the snot be gone! (I know I can say this coz few read the blog haha!)'s now April and I've been feeling like shit most of March, I think it's time that I get totally better now and get back with the programme!
On the bright side, the weather is doing just that and last weekend Brian and I spent most of it in the garden, preparing the beds, the greenhouse, planting seeds and yes...again chasing the damn hens out of the afore mentioned. We did remark to eachother that we need to do the gardening BEFORE we let the hens out of the run for a roam..Hmmmm, deja vu from last year? Yes indeedy! And I will endevour to remember all Summer long ;)
Here is the apple tree that will give us a lot of luscious apples this Autumn! She's looking good unlike her counterpart who fell over this Winter and had a rough time, we may get a few apples from her, but not the bumper fare from last year I fear.

Ahhhhh, the beds look so empty, but I love this time of the year, the promise of things to come, we have a little look every day to see if something has sprouted and are delighted when the weather forecast says that the growing is good. Really, it does! I've left space in one of the beds for Mum and Dad, their favourite veggie is being winged over from Europe in seed form, but I'm sure we'll get the endijvie to sprout and prosper by the Autumn :)

The greenhouse...a little plasticy one, but boy does it get warm in there! Plants are growing like the clappers and we have some early strawberries, beetroot, rocket and herbs on the go. I might have to put the geraniums back in as the hens are loving the tender green shoots...grrrr! Good thing their eggs are so tasty or they'd be for the pot!