The Pink Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well, in my defence it's been an incredibly busy and difficult year's been incredibly difficult and busy for a few years now.......I think maybe we all deserve a break so that we can gather our thought, take a deep breath and look at life from outside hospitals and such?

Anyway, have started documenting 2013 in a scrapbook, yes! you heard it right, I have committed to a whole years worth of documentation-week by week. So far so good ;)
My good friend Kate is to blame or thank, depending on the mood, for this rash decision! And introduced me to Project Life (check it out) but I won't be held accountable should you become hooked.

Anyway, really enjoying it, we're halfway through March and I'm still up to date, up to speed and full of enthusiasm for MY project life :) I have a feeling that I may need a new book every year and keep it up!

So, I took a couple of pics of a couple of pages and here they are in their out of focus glory Oooops!