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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicken Soup Recipe #28 and 29

Right, so back to crafting after a major re-jig of the craft room, which is now also a gym...hmmmmm
While we (I) were busy getting it reorganised, I couldn't reach or find any of my stuff, but slowly we're getting back to normal. I had a chance to do a couple of things today before the decks have to be cleared to do a cake tomorrow. Busy busy!
So first to recipe 28- which you can see here
I was quite literal with the interpretation, but as I got this gorgeous new stuff for my kitchen from my lovely Mum and sisters, it seemed to fit nicely.

and for recipe #29 here I had the perfect photo from last weekend. On our way home from our unsuccessful owl spotting excursion, we saw thousands of crows roosting in the trees. They made a fantastic silhouette against the darkening, blue sky. It's a very simple Layout, but I like it.
Thanks for looking! :)


Pickleberry Papercrafts said...

Wow, those kitchen chicken bits are gorgeous :)
Great layouts! x

Mireille said...

Thank you x

Chicken Soup said...

Gorgeous work Mireille, thanks for playing along!

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