The Pink Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day four of Wild Card Class....on Sunday (day 7?)

Well, got behind a bit- work- the weekend etc got in the way and I was determined to perfect the fantastic water shaker card! The first few went very wrong- but I've cracked it (I hope) and here they are....I'm SUPER impressed with this technique and will be doing loads more now that I have my leakage problem under control ;)

I kept going and made a 'plain' old shaker card also an achievement for me, my friends know that I don't measure....this makes these sorts of cards challenging! LOL!
Thanks for looking- and if a tutor sees this- thanks a mill for the class- it was fun to be poked into doing a bit for a change. I wish there was another week to go, although it will probably take me that long to get caught up on day 5.............. I will do it...................


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