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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chicken Soup Recipe #11

Well, here we are again, I really enjoyed this one and had a bit of fun with the theme.
My hens create a big mess wherever they go and I feel it's only fair to warn unsuspecting visitors! ;)
This sign isn't suitable to hang outside all the time, as it's sure to rain sooner or later (heavy dose of sarcasm there) but I love it and will print some more up and experiment with weather proofing.
Thanks for the inspiration girls!


Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

So cool Mireille - maybe I should make one for my chickens too!

Clare said...

haha! love it :D great idea.

Pickleberry Papercrafts said...

LOL! Someone's spending too much time on FB me thinks!!!!
Great creation though :)

Sue said...

:) Thats Great!

Mireille said...

Thanks guys, and yes Kate, you're right about FB LOL

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