The Pink Pumpkin Patch

Monday, September 13, 2010

You'd think I'd learn.........

After the Strawberry fiasco earlier this year.
Only now the hens are bigger, bolder and will go where no hen has previously gone before.
Let me explain..... While trying to dig the last of the spuddlies for dinner tomorrow night (Justin and Aydee are coming over!) {Yay} the darn hens got in and snatched up what they could and pecked holes in everything that wasn't 3 foot off the ground, including pecking off the plaster on my finger, but that's another story.
I plucked some Curly Kale for dinner tonight, placing it cunningly on top of the nets and out of reach, only for the blimmin wind to blow it onto the ground  behind the nets. Unfortunate for me, fortunate for the hens as they were able to get into the small space between the nets and the very thorny rose bushes and have a lovely feast. The eggs will have a faint cabbagey flavour tomorrow methinks!
Ah well, I suppose I can live with the loss of the cabbage and the plaster, a few spuds were saved for tomorrow and I managed to get in before the next tropical storm hit *Rolls Eyes*


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